The agreed prices generally refer to the performance/execution of the guided guest tours.

Prices are tax-free according to the Kleinunternehmerregelung gem. § 6 Abs. 1 Z 27 UStG.

The contract with the guide will be effective with the booking confirmation.


Terms of Payment:

If no other agreement is made, payment will be made in cash at the start of the tour.

The tour price does not include additional services like bus, minibus or car as well as entrance fees, travel expenses and parking fees.

When booking a means of transport, such as a bus, minibus or car, the price must be paid in advance to my account one week before the tour.


Cancellation conditions:

Cancellation free of charge is possible until two weeks before the tour. In case of cancellation up to 3 days before the tour, 50% of the price has to be paid; after that the full tour fee is due.

In case that I am unable to do the tour, I will arrange for a qualified replacement.

If a guest is late, the agreed fee is due without deduction. Please contact me in case of delays. Without contact, the guide’s maximum waiting time is 30 minutes. The fee is due nevertheless. The customer commits himself to a waiting period of 15 minutes.

In case of the participants’ non-appearance, the guided tour is considered to be carried out and the entire agreed tariff is due for payment.

Participation in the guided tours is at your own risk. No liability will be accepted. For walks and hikes appropriate equipment (slip-resistant shoes, rainwear) and the appropriate condition are necessary. Changes due to bad weather are reserved for the tour guide.



The self-employed tourist guide carries out a regulated trade.

The legal basis is section § 94 Z 21, in conjunction with section § 108 of the Gewerbeordnung GewO.

Tourist guides provide a challenging certificate of proficiency through a proficiency test at the Chamber of Commerce (Wirtschaftskammer).

The tourist guide business can only be exercised after the registration has been completed. The commercial authority (Gewerbebehörde) is the district administrative authority (Bezirksverwaltungsbehörde) responsible for the location of the business.

This is the district management team (Bezirkshauptmannschaft) or, in the case of cities with its own statute, the magistrate (der Magistrat).

By virtue of the business license, the tour guide acquires membership in the Chamber of Commerce (Wirtschaftskammer) as a result of the Chamber of Commerce Chamber (Wirtschaftskammergesetz).